Shlama Ashuraya to All
Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ;
We are asking all Assyrians & fellow christians to contact the White House
thru fax, e-mail or by leaving a message for our President to plead for help for
our fellow Assyrians and all Christians in Iraq who are being murdered,
tortured, kidnapped and put out of their homes.
Please pass this e-mail along to whomever you know, the more people we can
get to help us the better. May God Bless you all.

Please keep our brothers & sisters back home in your prayers.

** We Also ask all Assyrians & Christians throughout the world to
bring this to the attention of their media & government.

You will need to leave a very basic message.
Below is an example.

Dear Sir, Greetings in the name of
Maran o'Paruqan Esho Msheekha (Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ)

My name is _______________________

I am an Assyrian Christian, we are the indigenous people of Iraq.

We supported and still support the liberation of Iraq to create a democracy.
We are your partners, and we have always been.
(Another reason that we are being persecuted)

But today the Assyrians Christians along with all the other Iraqi Christians are being
persecuted and are being cleansed from Iraq.
Our churches have been burnt & bombed.
Clergies have been murdered in cold blood.
Men, women & children have been raped, kidnapped, and murdered.
Assyrian Towns and villages have been terrorised, FORCED to convert to Islam
or pay heavy consequences (ie. leave homes and belongings or face death).
As you are reading this letter Assyrians along with other Christians are in fear of there lives.

The liberation of Iraq could mean an end to the
indigenous Christian Assyrians - This is becoming a genocide.

Please help the Assyrians and all the rest of the Christians in Iraq.

Once again Hawaytoon Basimeh (thank you) for your time.

God Bless all those who work for the preservation and prosperity of the

"The Lord of the host shall bless, saying,
Blessed be Assyria the work of My hands" — Isaiah 19:25


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