Shlama Ashuraya,

This year marks 100 years since the Assyrian genocide SEYFO 1915.
In Sweden a group has initiated a Facebook campaign to spread awareness and calling the world to recognize SEYFO - the genocide on the
Assyrian people, first and foremost Turkey!
We must let the world know.
Only we, the Assyrians can make that happen.

Please support by liking and posting a picture (see attached) of you saying

"I DIED 1915


You can print this sign by clicking on the pic below and print it.

Also add an Assyrian symbol such as the flag somewhere on the picture,
and add the following text to your post:

"Turkey must recognize the ASSYRIAN Genocide SEYFO.
yourname from yourcountry #Seyfo100"

Here is the page

Please spread the word, not only to Assyrians but everyone!

Thank you and be well!


Nabuchadnosar Poli

Click on pic above and print sign.

Make sure to turn your printer settings to horizontal.

God Bless All Those Who Work For The Preservation and Prosperity of The Assyrian Nation.

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