For all of you who have signed our Guest Book and given us your nice thoughts,
We at Assyrian Enterprise would like to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.
Baseemeh Raba & God Bless You & Our Beloved ASSYRIAN NATION.


“Hi, a very nice design and excellent color matching. I wish you good luck and prosperity. I admire your cause which is to improve the
Assyrian community throughout the globe. God bless and keep up the good work.”
— Isho Callo —

"Nice site...good job." — Lucio Palazzo

“Congratulations, Simply a very well designed website. The content is informative and meaningful. Pages are easy to navigate and quick loading.
A definite asset to the global internet community. I thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing your website.”
— Randel Khamo —

"George, this is a great idea!" — Sonush

"Hey, great job! Keep up the good work." — Rany Khamis

"Good Luck Mr. George." — David Davido

"You have done a spectular job, and thanks for giving something back to the Assyrian community,God Bless."
— Allen Farmer —

"Dear George, I was surfing some Assyrian sites and saw the church website listed at Assyrian Enterprise.
I just wanted to say what a great job you did. It looks great and is very functional.
Thanks for providing the service to our church. I hope that this leads to something big for our church and your business.
Thanks Bro!!"
— Mike and Nina David —

"Pretty crazy sight. I like it alot, good info, matena gu favorites."
— Sean Khalifehzadeh —

"Dear Mr. Gewargis, I would like to thank you and tell you again how proud we must be by having you a young gentleman, continuing the wonderful job of arranging the beautiful 'Assyrian Enterprise Directory.' We pray to our merciful God to help you always. Wishing you the best of success always."
— Sincerely Yours, Nina J. Betseen —

"I would like to congratulate you for this site, it's very nice, good for you. You did a good job as Kool Mendee.
Good luck and may God bless you". — Tidi Pourdavoud.

"Finally, I found time to visit your website. It is impressive, keep up the good work."
— Your brother in Christ, Shamasha Dan Daniel —

"Dear Shamasha, Compliments on a job well done! Keep up the good work, and may Our Lord help to endeavor further."
— Rev. David Royel —

"W ell done for good work , keep us informed khaya omta . Basemeh raba" — Emmanuel G Tomi / actor

Dear Assyrian Enterprise,
Just wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing. Keep up the good work!
— Mike David —

"Shlome from Germany" — Assyrians Forever

"I find this site incredibly useful and I refer to it constantly. Great job, you deserve to be extremely proud."
— Peter Mokhatas —

Suggestion: "As a young Assryian man I'm glad that we are finally getting together. My suggestion is to maybe start a internet cafe for our brothers and sisters and help teach courses in computer science so all Assyrians will be up to date on computer tech."
— Sargon Kano —

I am pleased to see a site as "Assyrian Enterprise" that dedicate for Assyrian advancement and Assyrian unity. Assyrian Enterprise is evolving, and I wish all the best and success, to continue, to help rebuild our Assyria by educational ways as well as by mass media. The more Assyrian have websites, spending enormous time, money, and excellent dedication, the more we will be proud to be Assyrian. The road is not easy to pass, after Assyrian been and still being persecuted by various Arab/Kurdish/Turkish Islamic terrorist organizations in east Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and west Iran.
Be proud of being Assyrian, don't let yourself be drifted as wind goes, take a stand and say, I am Assyrian.
Unity is by one name, and our unity is "Assyrian".
— Simon Malek, Hamilton, Ontario —

"As I see Assyrians from our motherland struggling to gain recognition in Iraq. A website like this will connect all of us together so we can all bare the burden of the popular resistance for Assyrian independence. All though our lives are not at risk we must all contribute to our freedom. For freedom does not come from a judge in a immigration office, but from the blood of our brothers and sisters who sacrificed to keep our race alive. This will never end, till all of us can take claim to the glory of our ancestors. May the almighty give us the strength to fight another day. Keep up the good work Assyrian Enterprise."
— Sargon Kano, Chicago Il.

"We would like to see some pictures of Assyrians from around the world, including Iraq.
Thank you very much for everything you do!"
— Ninos Mansour —

"What a wonderful site especially in the way the subjects are arranged.
I like very much the Assyrian touch which is evident in every part.
With best of luck and success, you did a wonderful job.
Assyria in our hearts always."

— Mary —

"You are doing a great job. God bless you and our umtha."
— Amira —

"This makes me speechless :) Very well done!"

"I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful website. It's interesting, extremely informative and very professional.
Good luck and please keep up the good work. Gob Bless You at Assyrian Enterprise."

— Joseph Haweil —

"God Bless Our Assyrian Nation. God bless you all."
— Shlimon Haddad—

"Ganuch basma aziza ga da shula gabarah."
— Ninos —

"Keep up the good work and uplift the name of ASHUR. We the people are one of kind. God bless all."
— Robert Pourpasand —

"Finally a website that I can show to my other non-Assyrian friends without getting embarrassed.
A smashing job.
I am a website and graphic designer and I know how much time and effort have been put into this site.
Accurate colours and easy navigation system.
Maybe adding some interesting background patriotic music in the background will complete the picture,
otherwise I give this site 99%."

— Ninos Baznaya —

"May God Assur help every person who water the plantations of our nation.
" Tihe Umtho Suryeyto" well done for good work."

— Edip Khoury —

"This is wonderful, I will forward this to my 2 teenagers. It is very informative and very intresting.
I don't know why we never had anything like this. Keep it up."

— Nahrin Khoshabian —

"Mr. Administrator Shlama omtanaya m'qabel, I thank you whole heartidly for your constant endeavour toward the
well being of the Assyrian national affairs. Beside Bet-Nahrain you are with no doubt an informative Assyrian media and
quite a national aspiration to visit, and read. May God of Ashur continously lead you to success, and world recognitions.
Khaya Ganokh, w'khaya Atour l'alam."

Ashour Youluos Malek —
Cave Creek, Arizona

"Shlamalochen Atorayet dünye. My Name is Markos I'm an Assyrian from Germany.
I want to send greetings to all Assyrians in the World."

— Markos Kucan —

"Hello Atoraya, I would like to thank you for your e-mail and especially on your wonderfull web-site.
Thank you I make sure to print the alphabet pages for my two kids to start practicing our own language.
Once again your information is greatly appreciated by me and my family.
May God bless you and your family. Thank you."

— Helen Shemouil Gewargis —

"On a lighter note, thanks for the email and what a great looking website. I already put it on my
Bookmarks bar and I'm going to forward the site to all my contacts aswell.
I must leave now, but I will definately explore the site later!
I wish you the BEST with your accomplishments! Keep it up!
Basma Ganokhun!"
— Alen Barsin (Chicago) —

"Atouraya khon khaya ganokhon al daha pelkhana shapera deton wedee,
shokha o rom rama qa kolee sahdan ashouraye alaha manekhlon ameen; ( khaya atour ).
Etlan hewe men marya alaha qat hawelan kha pelkhana qeshya akh hamasha
qat matekh al kha hewe awoon elee atret awahatan Bet Nahrain Ashour.
Haweton basemeh. Akhonokh be Omta Ashoureta."

— Edward Bet Narsa —

"God bless all Assyrians around the world. Thanks for the hard work"
— Atorina & Ashur —

"Assyrian Enterprise,
Thank you very much. You are a very encouraging Assyrian emissary.
God bless the Assyrian Nation and bless you too."

— Ashour Youluos Malek —

"Keep up the good work."
— Sargon B. Yalda —

"It is good to see an Assyrian web site. Good work and thank you."
— Edison Azizi —

"Shlama I have been long time out Iraq but I happy when I see your Assyrian activities."
— Amir—

"Bili daren shlama ghatookh akhooni mookhebba b oomta oo tanen maria barekhlookh gha daha SITE shapira.
Raba bkhaden en amsen aven hayerana gha masagh'tad nishe oomtanaye. la sharshitoon."

— Ilrai Adami - Tehran —

"Hello, How are you? Just a fellow-Assyrian good wisher.
May you be blessed to do greater things for our Assyrian nation."

—Sargon —

"Thank you for this wonderful website."
— Sabrina J. David —



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